Jan 24, 2011

Theology: Seeing the “Forest through the Trees”

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If you have studied the Bible for any time you know the experience of studying one passage and having related passages come to mind. The more you study, the more connections you will see. 

Theology books can help connect the passage you are studying to the larger Scriptural theme; in other words you can see the proverbial “forest through the trees”. So how do you use a theology book this way? I thought you would never ask!

       1) To discover the theological theme let’s open one of your theology books. I am going to use Moody’s Handbook of Theology. You could use any theology book from your library or even create a collection of theology books. 
       2) Next, let’s open the basic search engine (Choose from the main menu, Search, then click Basic Search) and then type in the find box Click here and I will do it for you automatically. (if you have Logos 4)

       3) Now let’s look at the search results:

       4) If you look closely at the search results we can see various theological themes: Predestination, God, Grace. 
       Wow! You are a theologian! Now if you click the Bible verse links in the search results, you will get more cross references for this theological theme! Wow! You know your Bible better!

What is your favorite theological book?

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